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 CCO President Opens Office

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PostSubject: CCO President Opens Office   CCO President Opens Office Icon_minitime2/4/2008, 11:55 am

From the Chicago Dispatcher, February 2008

CCO President Opens Office
CCO President Mike Foulks holds office hours at Chinatown hotel, focuses on fare increase

Chicago Cabdriver Organization (CCO) President Mike Foulks announces the opening of his personal office at the Chinatown Hotel, 214 W. 22nd Place. He will be available to speak to Chicago cabdrivers there for any reason every weekday (Monday through Friday) from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. He intends to keep this schedule until a fare increase is approved by the Chicago City Council, and possibly longer.

“It is my duty and honor as the official submitter of the fare increase proposal and as the openly-elected president of the only democratic cabdriver organization in this city to make sure that the voice of the Chicago cabdriver is properly heard. It cannot be my voice alone; it must become a chorus. I need help from as many of my fellow cabdrivers who are willing to contribute in whatever way they can or want. I am here to listen and respond to them first,” he said.

A large conference room on the bottom floor provides enough space to sit and speak with several cabdrivers at the same time when necessary. While there are many issues concerning Chicago cabdrivers, Foulks feels that the fare increase is most important.

“What we need most is an appropriate fare increase. The price of gas isn't the only reason why. The general cost of living has gone up, too. The amount of hours we work now just to make ends meet is driving us crazy and killing us. It's getting worse. It's insult to injury when officials, passengers, the public, or the media abuse the neglected cabdriver. However, these smaller worries have distracted a few somewhat from the basic problem: we need the money we deserve. We are not slaves,” he asserts. “We must and will be respected.”

Cabdrivers who are interested in joining the CCO can drop by without an appointment. Membership in the CCO is still free, and remains open to cabdrivers who lease or own. Even non-members who need help themselves or have ideas of their own to discuss are encouraged to come by and communicate. Foulks has relationships with all of the other individuals and groups who are actively assisting the cause of the Chicago cabdriver and he is committed to working together with each towards common goals.
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CCO President Opens Office
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