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 Create/Moderate Your Own Discussion Group

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PostSubject: Create/Moderate Your Own Discussion Group   1/24/2008, 1:54 pm

Registered users of the new CabMarket Forum can now create their own discussion group and forum.

If you would like to create your own discussion group and forum, please don't hesitate to contact the Admin. Please include in your request the name of the new group and forum.

GROUP Moderator
A Group Moderator has to power to award memberships into the group, to accept/decline membership requests, and to set the group's status as Open, Close or Hidden.

A Group Moderator may also request the Admin to set the group's forum to be limited, open to all, or accessible to group members only.

A group may only have 1 (one) moderator. If you would like to create your own group and become the group Moderator, or if members of a group would like to nominate a user to become the group Moderator, please contact the Admin.

FORUM Moderator
A Forum Moderator has the power to edit and delete postings, to create and close polls, and to lock/unlock, move, split and merge topics.

A forum may have more than one Moderators. If you would like to become a Forum Moderator, please have ten (10) users petition the Admin to nominate you as the moderator.

Note: Admin reserves the right to grant or withdraw a moderator status at any time for any reason.
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Create/Moderate Your Own Discussion Group
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